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Arts House Limited (AHL) is committed to strong corporate governance and has put in place a framework to promote responsible and secure whistleblowing.

I. Reporting Channel

Concerns may be raised in writing via email at 

This mailbox is managed by the Chief Executive Officer of Arts House Limited who, may, in consultation with the senior management or Chairman, direct the complaint to the division/department best placed to address it, or lead the investigation to ensure prompt and appropriate investigation and resolution.  All information disclosed during the course of investigation will remain confidential, except as necessary or appropriate to conduct the investigation and to take any remedial action, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations. 

Any whistle-blowing report involving the C-Suite officers (including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer or Chief Finance Officer) may be reported directly to the Chairman of the Board via email at

II. What to report

Whistle-blowers may use any of the above mentioned reporting channels to report any irregularities.

Possible irregularities may but not limited to the following:


III. What to include in the report?

To allow AHL to effectively investigate your concerns, the following information should be provided, where possible:

Whistle-blower is encouraged to identify himself/ herself and provide relevant contact details in case further clarification or information is required.  Concerns or irregularities expressed anonymously are more difficult to act upon effectively but they will be considered, taking into account the seriousness and credibility of the issues raised, and the likelihood of confirming the allegation from attributable sources and information provided. 

All concerns or irregularities raised will be treated with confidence and every effort will be made to ensure that confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.

IV. Safeguards

AHL prohibits discrimination, retaliation or harassment of any kind against a whistleblower who submits a complaint or report in good faith.  If a whistleblower believes that he or she is being subjected to discrimination, retaliation or harassment for having made a report under this Policy, he or she should immediately report those facts to the CEO.  Reporting should be done promptly to facilitate investigation and the taking of appropriate action. 

At the appropriate time, the party making the report/complaint may need to come forward as a witness.   If an employee or outside party makes an allegation in good faith but it is not confirmed by the investigation, no action will be taken against him or her.  If, however, an employee has made an allegation frivolously, maliciously or for personal gain, disciplinary action may be taken against him or her.  Likewise, if investigations reveal that the outside party making the complaint had done so maliciously or for personal gain, appropriate action, including reporting the matter to the police, may be taken.

V. Modification

AHL may modify this Policy to maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations or accommodate organizational changes within the organisation.

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