Project Studio

These are dedicated studio space for artists to create their artworks or work on their art projects over a period of up to 12 months. Note: Studios have no air-conditioners. Utilities cost will be separately charged. Hirers need to carry out community outreach programmes such as workshops/seminars and presentation of works at Goodman Arts Centre (details to be discussed and agreed with the Place Management).

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Guidelines for Project Studio Usage:

1. Project studios are zoned for arts use. This means that the primary use should be to support art making and not commercial activities.

Examples of commercial activity (not allowed): 

    • Commercial gallery (display and sell art) – hirers should NOT allocate a portion of the space for commercial gallery and the rest for art-making. For e.g., partitioning a space for specific gallery usage
    • Commercial arts school (space is used primarily to conduct art classes)
    • There should not be a point of sale machine in the project studios.

Primary usage of the space should not be for revenue generating: While hirers may from time to time conduct activities in the project studios that generate some revenue, revenue-generating activities should not form the primary use of the space.

    • Hirers may use the space for exhibitions, workshops and performances that earn revenue.
    • An exhibition can take place in the studio for a certain specific time while the same space is also used for art making
    • Likewise for using of studio for workshops

2. Project studios may be rented from 1 to 12 months at a time. Renewal will depend on whether there is a waiting list for the space.

3. If you are planning to use the project studios for performing arts rehearsals, the project studios can be hired for a maximum of 2 months per production. If you require more than 2 months, you may hire the venue-hire facilities such as the multi-purpose rooms. 


Project Studio

Dimension: 4.1m (w) x 8.9m (d) x 2.8m (h), 8.3m (w) x 8.9m (d) x 2.8m (h), or 4.3m (w) x 13.2m (d) x 2.8m (h)
Area: 37sqm, 74sqm, or 52sqm
Location: Various units in Blocks B, M and O

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