Like many buildings built in the 1960s, the post-World War II buildings are industrial in look and utilitarian in function. The two Multi-Purpose Rooms have common details of repeated modular elements on the exteriors and interiors, a common architectural feature also found in old HDB public housing and schools built in the 1950s-1970s. The first studio comes equipped with a piano and mirrors, making it perfect for dance, theatre rehearsals and live music, while the other is a versatile space for rehearsals, meetings and workshop seminars.

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Multi-Purpose Room 2

Dimension: 16.5m (w) x 8.9m (d) x 2.8m (h), or 12.4m (w) x 8.9m (d) x 5.3m (h)
Area: 147sqm, or 110sqm
Location: Block B #03-11, or Block B #01-03

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