blkoThe Greenfield Modular Studios, or Block O, are constructed out of repurposed container units into multi-purpose studios and project studios, the latter are dedicated studio space for artists to create their artworks or work on their art projects over a period of up to 12 months. Since the launch of Goodman Arts Centre (GAC) in 2011, the project studios are well sought after and in constant demand. The new Greenfield Project, aptly named Block O, injects 11 new arts studios here in Goodman Arts Centre, increasing the pool of affordable arts spaces that could be made available for hire. Surrounded by the green field, the modular studios are particularly well-suited for art making, particularly, but not limited to visual arts. We also see other arts practices like literary arts, community arts making use of these modular project studios. The studios are all insulated, although they are not fully sound proof and may not be suited for activities that generate a lot of sound. The studios surround an central atrium space that can be hired out for exhibitions, events, workshop and talks. We encourage tenants to also work with the Goodman Arts Centre Place Manager on programming to bring diverse arts practices to the public and in so doing, generate interactions and vibrancy.

Utilities cost will be separately charged. The Greenfield Modular Studios are rented out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Preferential rates are offered to individual artists and non-profit arts groups.

For early bird discounts, bookings, or enquiries, please email or or call us at 6342 5790. For pricing information, click here to download Shared Facilities Information Kit, and refer to Page 9 "Block O - Greenfield".


00 Site Map

The Greenfield Modular Studios, or Block O, is located in front of Cafe Melba and Block M, and is accessible from all the main entrances into Goodman Arts Centre. It is also adjacent to the Visitor Carpark. Block O will feature 11 project studio spaces and a multi-purpose atrium. The foot print of the building is at 954.57sqm, occupying 20% of the entire green field.

Details about Block O

Gross Floor Area (GFA)= 16,131 sqm
No. of arts studio  = 30 recycled containers
No. of studios = 11 (9 project studios, 2 venue-for-hire studios)
Project studios dimension = 40sqm – 78 sqm
Venue-for hire studios = 78 sqm (2 studios that can be combined into 1 large studio of 156 sqm)
Available for hire: July 2016 onwards


02 1st Storey Main Entrance + Signage

The studios are made of repurposed High-Cube Containers. The skylight design on the main and secondary roofs are made of individual panel. Instead of concentrating all panels in a central location or in strips, they are composed to allow for multiple shaft of light to play through and overlay a pattern of light and shadow on the floor and container wall. The roof is composed of solid metal roofing sheet and transparent fiber glass panel to allow natural sunlight into the space. 


There are 9 project studio within Block O, of which 3 are on Level 1 (Studios 1, 2 and 3). Studios 4 and 5 are separated by a operable partition which can be collapsed into a larger studio and will be renamed as Multi-Purpose Studio 1 and 2 respectively. Each Level 1 studio is about 76sqm on average. The use of movable partitions in 2 studios allow the flexibility to expand the space by moving the dividing partition between 2 studios to be opened up and turned into 1 big studio. It is only unique to the 2 studios at 1st storey.


03 1st Storey Sample Atrium Plan

04 Sample Atrium Seating Plan

The Central Atrium, at 149 sqm, is multi-purpose and can be used as a gallery space, art forum, seminars, artist talk, or even for team building sessions. Pictures above are sample layouts for 65 persons seated within the Central Atrium, while below is the view from the second storey. This space adopted a courtyard concept and a focal point of Block O. Double volume, standing at a height of 8.0m, it can be turned into a communal hangout space. There are a total of 11 arts studios that can be rented for short or longer term duration and these are suitable for art making. The movement within the atrium will be fluid and allow non-sequential approach to each studio, allowing paths to be cross, increasing encounters and likelihood of interactions. The existing container doors facing the field are replaced with full height window allowing good day lighting into studio. 

06 Atrium view from 2nd Storey


 05 2nd Storey Layout

The second floor consists of six studios. Each of Studios 6 through 8 is about 70sqm, whereas Studios 9 through 11 are approximately 50sqm each. 


07 Studio Provision

Although the entire Block O structure is built using containers, every studio will be fitted with air conditioning. 


08 Vertical Garden

With the expected utility consumption to cool the building down, the designers and contractors of Block O included vertical gardens as an eco-friendly feature to lower the temperature of the building. Creepers walls are created to keep the containers cooler, low in maintenance and simple design which align with the overall recycling theme of the project. More:

09 Landscape Plan A
10 Landscape Plan B
11 Landscape Plan C


13 Rainwater Harvesting

Although the arts studios are formed out of containers, greenery and landscaping are an integral aspect of the Block O design. Rainwater collection tank is installed to promote recycling use of water and reducing the overall water consumption by collecting rainwater from the main roof for irrigation purposes. Making use of the harvesting system to reduce water consumption which allow the atrium and all circulation space to be naturally ventilated with good day lighting. This will reduce overall energy consumption. The building reduced water consumption by recycling rainwater for the irrigation of its planter. The layout of the individual studios and placement of the roof allows air to permeate and circulate around the building allowing the atrium and all common spaces to be naturally ventilated. Creepers are located on the east and west facade, reducing overall heat gain and translate to lower energy consumption.

Recycling and green are the main driving forces and underlying theme for this project and a direct respond to the fact that this building is temporary. Considering that resources and materials are finite, investing in new materials and complicating construction method is wasteful and irresponsible. Most elements within the building are constructed out of recycle materials:

  • recycled shipping containers as studios
  • salvaged high security fence as railings
  • salvaged wire BRC fence as creeper wall
  • salvaged aircraft blast deflector from Changi Airport as wall cladding and roof
  • recycled concrete aggregate as concrete floors


For early bird discounts, bookings, or enquiries, please email or or call 6342 5790 for more information. Click here to download Shared Facilities Information Kit

The Greenfield Modular Studios is a project by National Arts Council and will be managed by Goodman Arts Centre's managing agent: Arts House Limited.  


Greenfield Modular Studios

Capacity: Varied
Dimension: Varied
Area: Level 1: 90sqm per studio x5 studios; 149sqm for Atrium. Level 2: 50sqm/80sqm x6 studios
Location: Block O

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